The company Meyer Werft of Papenburg relies on the MAEDA mini cranes on Uplifter GmbH & Co. KG for many years. They are used to relieve the large gantry cranes, as well as in the assembly of elevator rails and glass assembly.
Until the introduction of mini cranes large cranes were completed the time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive work. Other important crane work had to wait so.
Through the purchase of new cranes MAEDA cost capacity has been created. Due to the ease of use of external service employees could be trained quickly so that they own without shipbuilding staff could work on their own.
The engineers realized very soon the many possibilities of uses this type of cranes has to offer. This large number of applications the machines are often used and are always busy. Nowadays these cranes are also used for the completion of conservatories and climbing park on the ships.
To order a mobile crane for the transport of goods outside the production hall belong to the past. Because the mini cranes take care of everything. Another area with enormous potential for savings. All of these advantages made the decision easy for the acquisition of another mini crane.