Preston Hire’s first experience with Maeda mini cranes came about when we required a small crane to shift structural steel on a very tight work site in Sydney early in 2006.
It was difficult to find one to suit until we spoke to Paul Heeks, the owner of Pace Cranes, Maeda’s Australian distributor, and he supplied a Maeda MC354 mini crawler crane. We had it on site for some time and it was an excellent machine for the job.
Seeing an obvious need for mini crane hire in the market and liking the quality of the Maeda product, we then spoke further with Pace Cranes and purchased our first Maeda MC354 for NSW in mid-2006, followed in quick succession by an MC355 and two MC285Cs.
We now have over 50 Maeda mini crawler cranes in our fleet, making Preston Hire the owners of the largest Maeda mini crawler crane fleet in Australia and the fifth largest owner of Maeda mini cranes in the world.
Maeda mini cranes are definitely our cranes of choice due to their excellent build quality and reliability and also the outstanding support we receive from Pace Cranes and Maeda; our three companies all share a strong culture of service and support which has resulted in very productive business relationships.
Over the years we have purchased numerous cranes from other manufacturers but to this point we have always found Maeda cranes to be the more reliable and best value for money.